Lutron Caseta System:
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In this video we teach you how to wire a smart light switch with no neutral wire. The Lutron Caseta Dimmer light switches don’t require a neutral so they can be installed in even in homes that don’t have a neutral wire in the switch box. This makes the Lutron Caseta dimmers compatible with 99%+ of wiring in the united states even older homes.

The Lutron Caseta dimmers allow you to control your the smart dimmers remotely from your phone or using Alexa, Google or Siri voice commands. The only downside to the smart dimmers is that they do require the Lutron Caseta Smart home hub for connection and each Lutron Hub is capable of running 75 devices.

I’ve found these light switches to be easy to use, reliable and easy to install. If you don’t have a neutral wire and want to add smart lighting to your home I’ve found this to be the best option. The Lutron Caseta system is commonly found in high end smart homes and commercial buildings.

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  1. Does this light switch also control ceiling fans? My regular switch controls both a light and fan at the same time and I want to know if it does turn a fan on before I buy it.

  2. Hey I love your videos, they are really very useful. But, I have one question, does it work with 240 volts? Please reply to me.

  3. WOW! Looks bloody lethal! Is that an example of a current US wiring system? What voltage is that running on? ie; is that mains voltage 220-230 volts. No sleeving on the ‘ground’ (earth) wire and in a metal clad switch box too, no shielded terminals for the ‘line’ wires and ‘screwit’ connectors, outlawed in the UK in the 60’s / 70’s. Glad I’m not a sparky wherever that is!

  4. When I click on your link for the switch I am not sure I am getting the right switch . What is the switch part number? Thanks
    ‘s number

  5. You seriously need to change your title to this video because all it is doing is confusing people… instead your title needs to say something like, *Installation of light switche that work that don’t require neutral wire”.

  6. I have a smart switch that needs a neutral wire. How do I write that? Tell me again how this video answers the very thing you’re advertising. It doesn’t, so change the title to Buy Another Light Switch That Doesn’t Require a Neutral Wire, Like This One.

  7. One thing I never see in these videos or the manufacturer’s instructions is that you need a bigger box due to the extra depth and width of the smart switch. IT IS CODE. A 20 cubic inch box cannot be stuffed with 19 cubic inches of switch and wire. There are some good calculators on line such as that has a chart for easy reference that you can use to determine if your box is to small, as well as, the cubic inch designations of everything else in the box such as wire nuts, clamps and wire it self. This is a link to the article

  8. This could benefit from a title update. “Smart switches that do not require a neutral wire” would be a better option.

  9. This is great, I did not know Lutron had a version without the neutral. Is it only the dimmer version? I need a standard switch. the one I bought has a required neutral wire.

  10. Thanks for the video. I tried putting in the Costco Feit dimmer switch today and could not get it to work after connecting and reconnecting the wires. I finally figured out that the second black wire in my box was not a neutral but a load. So the switch won’t work as it requires a neutral. Gonna buy these Lutron ones you recommended to get the smart switches in my house.

  11. Thank you very good video. I have a older home and I ran my neutral wire for two switches for another brand and wow. I much rather pay more for a brand that doesn’t require that of me again lol.

  12. Are there any dimmers that connect to a HUE Hub without a Nuetral wire? I’ve already got a hue system set up and don’t want spend the money and space to add a second Hub system.

  13. Well that was stupid. It’s not installing a smart switch with a ground, it’s installing a smart switch that doesn’t require a ground.

  14. Key statement here. “How to wire a smart switch that does not require a neutral wire” If your switch needs a neutral, you will still need a neutral wire.

  15. I’ve got 4 led ceiling lights connected connected to my smart switch similar to the setup here. The lights are slightly flickering even though I’ve installed a 0.33uF capacitor which came with the switch. I was thinking to put a bigger capacitor in hope of solving the issue. Any thoughts?

  16. Hey, so in my wall theres only two wires, no neutral or ground. Can i still install a smart switch, if so which one?

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