In this video tutorial see how to create a Windows 10 bootable USB drive, for installing Windows 10 .iso image file. Watch how to make windows 10 bootable USB for free by using “Microsoft Windows USB/DVD Download Tool” that works on the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 So if you want to learn how to run Windows 10 from USB watch this video.

Why do this?
This allows you to make your own USB bootable installation flash drive that you can keep as a backup media source. You will also be able to upgrade, clean install or reinstall on same device after you’ve upgraded via Windows 10 free upgrade offer.

Here’s the link to download the ISO to USB bootable tool from Microsoft:

So, in essence, If down the road your Windows 10 operating system was to fail to boot up for whatever reason (virus infection, file system corruption, hard drive failure…etc) you would have a media source to repair Windows or install Windows 10 again.

Note: With Microsoft utility you will also see how to make USB bootable Windows 7 and how to make USB bootable Windows 8.1.

windows 10 iso

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  1. in order to do all this, do i have to make my flash drive bootable first or just go on with a clean flash drive? help please and thank you

  2. i am trying to utilize this for win 7, but instead of getting the message that usb is now bootable, i only get one that says it copied over, but wasn’t able to make bootable..?

  3. Hi, great video but I’m wondering if you can help me with a similar issue. My hard drive is a friends and he told me to format it but when I got to the where do you want to install windows 10 screen I tried to format the partition and it said something about how I can’t delete or format a partition and gave me the error 0x80070057. I don’t want to load it onto drive because I don’t know my friends password. Can you help?

  4. “These selected file is not a valid ISO file. Please select a vlid ISO fie and try again”. I got this file off the Ubuntu site. It’s called ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso. Did I get the wrong file?

  5. I’m trying to do this for a portable hard drive, but the software wont find it? It says no compatible USB devices are connected?

  6. Nice video, Creating installation media for your operating system of choice used to be simple. Just download an ISO and burn it to CD or DVD. Now we’re using USB drives, and the process is a little different for each operating system. just download Refuse to creating a bootable USB. refuse is a lightweight software just 837 KB download refuse on the official site and easily create a bootable USB. you can also create ISO file by using InfraRecorder.

  7. I have two questions,  one is when some one give me my email reply it goes to my son’s email box, why ? and how to fix it? second one ; I have windows 10 now, before used to be widows7 , my sd card reader adapter is stop working, why? thank you.

  8. You go pretty slow in the tutorial process, which is fine for me. It is rather smart for people who are ignorant to anything computer wise but a bit slow for those more weathered in the interest. Good video btw!

  9. I read comments but still don’t understand why I need this if I have windows 8.1 and will get free upgrade offer. What do you do with a backup media source? Why upgrade, clean install or reinstall on same device after you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10? Thanks

  10. Found your channel the other day, I am glad I did. Some really helpful videos on here! Keep them up!

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