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00:07 – Introduction & Disclaimer.
01:43 – Downloading Better Discord.
02:34 – Installing Better Discord.
03:30 – Installing Themes.
05:13 – Installing Plugins.
07:09 – Troubleshooting & Uninstalling.
09:14 – Final Words.

– Better Discord:
– Better Discord for Linux:
– Better Discord Library Themes:
– Better Discord Library Plugins:

– Themes for Browser Version of Discord:
– My Web Browser Brave (Affiliate-Link):
– My Desktop Walllpaper (Wallpaper Engine):
– Vast Discord Theme:

Frequently asked questions (please don’t ask these, you will be ignored):
Q: (Recent issue): I installed my theme in the correct folder and as a correct .css file, why does it still not show up in Discord?
A: Just go into Discord and press CTRL + R, it will reload the client and the themes will pop up!
Q: My installer gets stuck on “renaming directory”, what do I do?
A: All you have to do is close the installer and run it as an administrator that way it has enough permissions to rename the directory accordingly.
Q: Do others on the same server see the theme or do I only see it?
A: Only you see the theme, if you want to sync themes with others use something like Google Drive and share the account, but I won’t help you set that up.
Q: Do I get banned for using this?
A: If you use the sources I provided, you shouldn’t get banned. However, I strongly recommend for you to watch the disclaimer section of this video at: 00:47
Q: Is this a virus? It gets detected by my antivirus as one.
A: No, it’s not. But I leave it up to you to decide if you want to bypass you’re antivirus. The application is unsigned and therefore detected as a virus. Here is a recent report from VirusTotal:

ALSO: Shrattly is my channel moderator, and he is there to help me out with comments I can’t reply fast enough to.

– VAST BD Support (My Discord Server):
– Official BD Support Server:
– 2nd Official BD Support Server:

Music by Joakim Karud.

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  1. Whenever I go to download it all of the options (stable,PTB, and canary) are blank. Hitting browse on any of them don’t do anything and whenever I hit install “Failed to install to : ReferenceError: Cannot access ‘fs’ before initialization” shows up, what do I do?

  2. thank you so much! literally the best tutorial ive ever watched, straight to the point and no “ok guys like and subscribe” at a random point in the middle of the video. thank you again

  3. after i clicked the install button (with only the install to stable box checked), it says “reference error: cannot access ‘fs’ before initialization” how do i fix this?

  4. um hi, i updated my discord just now and now bandagedBD isn’t working.. i can’t even install it..

  5. been having an issue installing to the main launcher (stable), i had it installed before but i deleted and tried to reinstall it but it comes up with the message: Failed to install to : ReferenceError: Cannot access ‘fs’ before initialization

  6. “Installing to Stable.
    Failed to install to : ReferenceError: Cannot access ‘fs’ before initialization” I had it on my imac and that happens everytime I try to install it, how can I fix?

  7. when i try to install themes or plugins, it takes me to an untitled website, or it takes me into an endless loop waiting for my browser.

  8. is there any way to get it on chrome os? and if there isn’t, are you guys planning to have it accessible on chrome os

  9. Great totorial! Do you really need a great understanding of computers though? I wouldn’t consider myself as a computer guy even though I know how do download set mod

  10. I ran it to administrator and its still got stuck at “renaming package dir”
    What do I do?

  11. Nice tutorial! However, I have a problem.
    When I install BetterDiscord (for DiscordPTB), it turns the app into “browser mode”. I get reminded to “download the desktop app” and there are no settings such as game activity that would be available on the desktop app.

  12. it was lik: happy theme! happy music!

    lik 3 secconds later: -i-am-not-responsable-for-banned-accounts!-u-should-b-aware-of-da-dangeres

  13. I want to know something before using BetterDiscord, is this 3rd party app detected by Discord?

    I have also heard that by using this, BetterDiscord could access my auth token and if it is shared which is against th TOS, I could get banned immediately.

  14. i can say a few words Detail,Solid Tutorial Easy To Understand.Lastly keep up the goodwork

  15. I DONT HAVE ANY OF THOSE OPTIONS ON MY SETTINGS. there are no nadaged BD option, there is no plugin or themes in my disc setting

  16. hey man 😀 i got kind of a problem. i can’t install any themes cause of the ddos protection, can i do anything about that?

  17. im sure bd doesnt work anymore i try to use the settings and it doesn’t work, like for example i would enable role text where the color of your role is the text and nothing is happening

  18. I need help when I install it nothing happens. I tried to reinstall it and reinstall discord, but its still not working

  19. Cloudflare is resetting my connection again and again while trying to download themes. What may be the cause of this?

  20. Can BD take your information? I’m asking since I want to install it but then again, they may take our information.

  21. plugins dont work for me but themes work fine. like, I’ll drag the plugin in the plugin folder and it wont show up on discord

  22. I am trying to install BD to my Mac and it tells me that “The installer encountered an error while starting!
    A potential solution is to delete and reinstall Discord.” What should I do

  23. great video and explanation but to be honest I went on the website and It didn’t allow me to download the plugins or themes it kept crashing the website and saying something about connection lost.

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