This video demonstrates many advanced voltage/frequency curve editing tricks, most of them exist in the latest public 4.6.0 release, but some of them (e.g. fragment selection and operation) are new for 4.6.1. Pay attention to keyboard input indicator in bottom left corner to see all keyboard shortcuts I’m using. The following tricks are being shown:

– Undo/redo buffer usage
– Typing in frequency offset from keyboard
– Typing in absolute frequency from keyboard and automatically calculating the offset
– Moving edited curve up/down
– Setting left/right anchor and interpolating the curve
– Setting fixed offset for all points
– Selecting a fragment and adjusting offset for all points inside the selection
– Finetuning offsets for points inside the selection with keyboard cursor keys
– Jumping to closest frequency rounded to 10MHz with keyboard cursor keys
– Typing in selection offset from keyboard
– Typing in selection absolute frequency from keyboard and automatically calculating independent offsets for each point within the selection
– Tabbing forward/back between the points
– Using fragment selection and keyboard input to define frequency plato and limit GPU performance/power consumption
– Using voltage lock marker to limit GPU performance/power consumption

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  1. Hi, excellent video! I can’t straight the line like min 2:29 I followed the next steps:
    I click on the dot, shift + select the area
    then I press shift + enter and type a value
    and when I press enter again, just the selected dote move, not the entire line.

  2. what the fuck!

    watching this video after completing carfully aligning all dots in a line for like an hour… i feel stupid.

  3. Alexey Good evening !!! Please help lower the voltage on the MSI 1080 ti gaming x 11gb video card to reduce the temperature !!!

  4. Dude you’re a hero. Весь инет обшарил в поисках инструкции!

  5. what is the command to make all the dots after a chosen point completely flat? I saw it in your video but didn’t catch the keys that were used. Thanks!

  6. Thanks! I managed to fine tune my crappy Palit RTX 2070 to 2100 MHz. And it’s not even a fancy OC-model either, it only has one 6-pin connector and a measly 114% power limit 🙁

  7. i tried undervolting using the voltage curve and saved as a profile in msi afterburner..still its causing nothing..everything is working as matter what you do in the curve..nothing changes..why is that? gtx 1050ti dell 7577 gaming

  8. 10/10 you’re a hero, read so many guides on this and no one mentions any of these anywhere. Even recent guides still saying to click each thing manually, I knew there was an easier way.

  9. It says my gpu voltage is at 0, i have voltage monitoring and voltage control boxes checked and still it’s at 0, what do I do? I cant even mess with this because i don’t know my gpu voltage

  10. Still a waste of time unless Boost 3.0 can be tamed. It will change the curve every time no matter whether you set the curve at idle or load temps.
    It’s a waste of time, not sure why it’s still a ‘thing’.

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