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The AOC 24G2U is my new favourite budget gaming monitor! Check out our full review.

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  1. Nice monitor, but, too many feedbacks from people complaints about dead pixels, horizontal/vertical lines, suddenly dead, clouding, bleeding, etc.

  2. What settings did you do for Spider-Man i just got the monitor but it seems a bit dark for Spider-Man

  3. I can see on the monitor’s page and also in other pages that sell this monitor, and says that there is WLED backlight? Is this a backlight, as in the back of the monitor? I can’t find any setting in its settings, and the software G-Menu I have downloaded, there is a tab for light FX but I cannot change or choose anything in there.

  4. With some games like Uncharted or Gta it seems that it is not as fluid as Call of Duty or Minecraft btw is on Ps4 pro so

  5. You probly didnt set something right.. “Strong” overdrive mode is best (no ghosting whatsoever). True image looks sharper but with right RGB colour mode is unnoticeable. And 1 thing you got wrong. AOC G2 series monitors are way better than G1.

  6. This monitor has a 1ms mrpt (Motion Picture Response Time)
    Instead of what most tn panels use a 1ms GtG (Grey to Grey)
    GtG is always better!

  7. I got this monitor and I’m a console gamer (PS5) what monitor settings would you recommend to get the best picture for my PS5

    Thank you

  8. Hey Tech Nuovo, im curios if i can use it with the “HDMI 1.4” with my ps5 up to 120hz? I heard this monitor supports HDMI 1.4 up to 120hz? Can you prove this? Thanks for your help

  9. Sabéis quien fabrica el panel de la pantalla del monitor?
    Do you know who makes the monitor screen panel?

  10. It has real 1m response time? I bought msi optix g241 and it has 6.4ms MPRT in UFO test and it has ghosting too.

  11. This guy is an actual magician. He shows gameplay of spider man without holding a controller. Not even showing cables behind the monitor. SO HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE DO THAT!?

  12. I’m a massive fan of this monitor but man – MAN – I wish the monitor didn’t have that red detailing at the bottom. It makes it so hard to pair with another brand monitor on a dual set-up. I just want my aesthetically pleasing clean black lines, dang it.

  13. The only reason I bought this was because of Apex Legends and Im only watching this AFTER buying it. So your opening about winning Apex locked me down. Lol

  14. Spent the last few days looking for a secondary monitor and this fits the bill perfectly, literally every feature i was looking for, the red accents even match my Asus ROG monitor.

  15. I’m going to buy it for my ps4 because it looks cool and it goes well with my gaming desk wich is black and red as well

  16. So, for the last 12 years i used Samsung SyncMaster T220, 22inch monitor (which is also TV), of course i like this monitor but today 12 years later, its obsolete, dont get me wrong it still do fine, it have great coloring and all that stuff, but 1650×1080 is highest resolution possible, since i got new rig, this monitor cant give everything. I got myself HP Omen 25inch monitor, gaming one, but i am not really happy since it put to much strain on my eyes, i dont know why i tried to reduce brightness, coloring and it is still bright as sun. Now i planned to get this monitor, since it has less coloring, 250 comparing to 400 of Omen, and believed that this one will be better suited for me, since i am not pro gamer, more a casual one.

  17. If you want a cheaper version look for the AOC 24G2U5 It’s 75 hz. Don’t know if it’s ips tho

    Update: Its ips. If your on console this is a must pick or consider

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