Need help replacing the Adaptive Defrost Board (Part #61005988) in your Jenn-Air Refrigerator? Watch this how to video with simple, step-by-step instructions for a successful DIY repair.

Stay safe during your repair! Be sure to check for proper safety procedures before you begin. Use of this video is at your own risk, without liability to

Fix Part Number: FIX2061226
OEM Part Number: 61005988

Why you might need to replace the Adaptive Defrost Board:
1. Freezer seems to be icing up
2. Fridge has stopped cooling
3. Refrigerator is going into defrost mode when it is not required

What tools you need for this repair:
1. 1/4″ Nut Driver

The information in this video is specific to Jenn-Air, Maytag, and Magic Chef. To find a Adaptive Defrost Board specific to your model, visit

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  1. what’s next if changing this electronic part doesn’t fix the cooling problem? My Jenn Air JDC 2389 GES..isnt getting cool on either side refrigerator OR freezer! HELP!

  2. This is identical to my 2002 Maytag wide-by-side. You just saved me $100.00 installation fee. Thank you!

  3. Is there any way to put this timer into defrost mode after installation.I have this exact controller in my Maytag side by side.
    I have no place to put the frozen foods to test the heater. Putting the timer in defrost mode would help a lot.Being able to see if any water comes out the freezer drain you would know the heater circuit is working. It is simple with a manual timer but electronic is a different story. Thank You for the nice video.

  4. Thank you sir. Great video. Third time I have replaced one of these ADC board in just just 6 years. Machine installed in Dec 1998. ADC died in 2009, C2 had blown. Died again in July 2016, beefier higher quality C2 blew again. Died again 12May17. This time I found a board for about $15 and replaced the whole board. Let’s see how long that cheep board lasts.

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