If you have a Kenmore Washer that has problems like it won’t spin, this video is to help you “Open Up” the washer and put this washer into diagnostic mode. These style washers (made from 2009 to 2016 and still today with other brands) have a powerful error code mode that will show you how to solve stuff like your Kenmore Washer won’t spin – or at least isolate why that’s an issue. Using these systems should help you pin down why a Kenmore Washer won’t spin, or other issues like a Kenmore washer won’t drain. These steps can be done on many other styles of VMW washers (which all have the green oval lights and go under brand names like Maytag, Kenmore, Amana, Roper, Whirlpool, Inglis, Admiral and others).

In this video, we’re showing you the 4 primary mode of the Kenmore Washer Diagnostic system:

– Error Code modes to help isolate why a Kenmore Washer’s Not Spinning or your Kenmore Washer Not Draining
– Automatic Test Mode to test all Kenmore Washer Parts & Components
– Manual Test Mode (IMPORTANT!) to test all Kenmore Washer Parts individually
– Kenmore Washer Recalibration and Kenmore Washer Reset – this mode is NEEDED when you install a new Kenmore Washer Part!

My hope is this video helps you to identify what’s going on with the washer. This doesn’t show you how to install parts, buy parts, or diagnose the part via multimeter, but at least points you in the right direction. I plan on doing future videos on this.

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  1. If you ever need a vacation in Colorado let me know I need some washing machines gone through.

  2. Its hard to get my washer spinning. Sometimes it spins, sometimes it doesint. It’s like the computer is mest up or something. What do u recommend?

  3. I have replaced the water inlet valve, lid lock, drain pump and actuator and still can not get it to actuate and drain. I did the recalibrate and there is no codes showing. Any suggestions it only 5 years old kenmore series 500

  4. I have a Kenmore Series 600s washer. It stop working. The instrument board turns on, it has a chime when it turns on, that’s normal, the Cycle Knob spins and turn light on it are normal,
    But the problem is the lid door does not lock when closed, and all buttons like water temperature and options buttons, like 2nd rinse, do not respond when pressed. Those button don’t make light, or sound. Help me

  5. Do you know what part do I have to replace if the washer is banging like crazy when spinning? It sounds as if the tub is loose. I’ve tried to search the web but I’m clueless, that’s how I stumbled upon your video.

  6. Excellent videos! Very helpful ! Instead of taking the service manual out, I look up the part number for it in a break down and google it to get a pdf version and download it to my smart phone. I’m glad you mention the codes only give a direction to go in rather replacing parts. Better than shooting the parts cannon like some people do in a car diagnosis. I’ve had one washer I couldn’t get to finish a cycle and found I had a bad discharge pump and a bad ground. I did a visual on the ground wire and saw the rusted screw and cleaned the connection. I thought the board was bad at first. Once the ground was repaired I was able to diagnose the problem with the pump.

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