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  1. 911-My freezer in side by side has lots of ice. I know why but, The fan started making noise. We hit the panel 3 times and sounded like ice fell. quite a bit. Probably onto the fan and the noise got much louder. Unplugged machine to let defrosting start. Hope my food will be ok. Is it okay to run the machine with a noisy fan? Or will it cause a problem especially since there is ice build up?

  2. So Question please help is this what keeps the fridge cool aswell not just the freezer? because all my stuff in the fridge part is not cold just my freezer barely my fan moves if i give it a push start but stops after awhile.. when I check on it its always off and i push start it its a may tag fridge

  3. Thanks so much! After waiting a day for the parts to be delivered I fixed it myself in no time. My husband thought we’d have to buy a new fridge but I figured it’s already broken might as well risk the $45 in parts to DIY than buy a whole new one if we didn’t need to. So essentially , you saved us $600+ it would have been to get a new unit.

  4. I have that fridge and the same problem, should the fan run all the time or intermittently. My fan runs sometimes then goes off.

  5. Hi, in this video you state that the evaporator fan is not responding to the 110v test you gave but the fan moved. So how do you ( or I) know for sure that it is the fan motor?

  6. Our fan works outside the unit. It won’t engage inside our whirlpool side by side with freezer on bottom. We have checked main board for any burnt spots and it appears to be fine. Any advice please?

  7. hi, can u pls explain the working of defrost timer?? with the detailed explanation of connection on defrost timer.

  8. do you possibly have that part number and means to order this fan? I have the exact problem on my same Kenmore. don’t get me started on this junk fridge… great video tho I will be doing this

  9. Great job! I went into the wrong line of work!

    The technician that came out and tested my fridge didn’t unplug my fridge! The evaporator fan in my four year old Kenmore fridge died and already needs to be replaced! A lot of my food spoiled and had to be thrown away as a result!

    Just having the technician come to test the fridge cost me close to $100. Now I have to wait until Tuesday to have the part replaced. The part will cost me $70 and labour will be around $81! So having the evaporator fan replaced in my four year old fridge will cost me ~$247, not to mention all the food I had to throw away due to spoilage and all the money I had to spend to buy breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

    How much do you plan on reimbursing me Kenmore?

  10. Could the evaporator fan produce loud shrieking noises for roughly 45 seconds ever 10 minutes? Or is that a different part. I have a similar, if not the same frig you are working on.

  11. I have an Amana side by side and i hear a loud knocking coming from inside the refrig side at top in back. any idea what it is? everything seems to be working except for the noise. noise stops every now and then, but is a knock with a couple of seconds in-between,


  12. Thank you for posting this video! You saved me $250 that the jerk repairman would’ve charged! Took 25 minutes!

  13. Thanks for the video it really helped me in replacing my motor. A bit of advice for viewers, whenever you work around a sink make sure the drains are closed. If you drop a part down the drain it’s a bitch getting it back if you can.

  14. i have a samsung rs267tdrs sisde by side with twin cooling plus, the evap fan on the fridge side stopped working so i bought a new fan motor, i tested it and it works but when i plug the harness into the jack inside the fridge it gets no power, any suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Great video, but you could have avoided all the cutting and splicing by using a hook to pop out the wire connectors from the plastic plugs and snapping them into the original harness.

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