Fix boot windows 10

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  1. Woods Maine aapka channel sub kr diya h aap bhi mere channel ko sub kr dijiye aap check kr lijiye

  2. nothing happens in the beginning when I type a number, and pressing enter just closes the window. How do I fix this?

  3. Hi, Can i use your vid for my school project? it’s just a demo of programming. I would not profit in this project and i would give credits to you 🙂 Thanks in advance! 😀

  4. I made a game in notepad called
    Minecraft ( Coding version )

    it makes you mess with that game, and you get to do 12 Trillion commands… And you could even make an exploding bow,
    endless posssiblities. but sorry, i dont know how to sell it

  5. that is not a progrmming language it is called DOS it runs command prompt aka bat file
    this is a textbased game.

  6. you know if you type in title then a name the top of your window will say the title you selected

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