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Minecraft Realms for Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition: Beta lets you and your friends access your own world wherever there’s a wifi connection. It’s always online and only those you invite can join. You don’t even need to be playing on the same type of device! Thanks to Xbox Live, players can join your world and earn achievements on iOS and Android devices, Windows 10 machines or even Gear VR.

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  1. Olaminobrebasan

  2. Everything ok, but realm safety is really bad. You can even just use the lately added game test command to destroy the whole world without having to do anything. Even in cheatless survival.

  3. Mano tenha vergonha na cara velho esse Minecraft falso da Baixa esse bagulho cara meu deus Minecraft lixo

  4. “Have up to ten friends with Minecraft Realms!”
    /numberofplayers: *Observe*

  5. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a realm? It’s better to host it yourself or rent it from a hosting site.

  6. 💥Modded Kit Pvp!💥 🏅Realm Crates!🏅 🌟Realm Code: ImLERECFxvU🌟 🎁 Discord Code: m7VTuB🎁 🎆Active Staff!🎆 🌌Hundreds Of Players!🌌 🎀Custom Map!🎀 showcase that pleases

  7. “No downtime”
    *creates realm*
    5 minutes later: “Minecraft Realms is currently down due to maintenance. Expect the service to be back shortly”

  8. Before all of this updates i just want to say that fix your game because i have purchased the full game in windows 10 then i open it and it says “Unlock Full game” i wouldn’t not to pay this again because i already bought the full game

  9. Why is it that Java players can make a world for free and let people join when ever but with bedrock we gotta pay?
    Is bedrock mojang’s scan system which makes them a lot of money cus it does.

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