MSI Afterburner 2020 Ultimate guide, tips and tricks. On screen display fill, transparency, colors, layout style, graphs, big FPS counter, hotkeys, average FPS, Low 1% FPS, benchmark, column style and many more!

00:00 1. Choose what you want to display, drag and drop
00:53 2. Activate hardware monitoring graphs
01:38 3. Replace the GPU, CPU titles Set as a column
02:45 4. Hotkeys setup
03:36 5. Press pause and bring some coffee, the greatest part is just beginning
03:48 6. Position, size and font
04:54 7. On screen display fill, transparency and color
05:45 8. Units size
06:08 9. Set up colors of groups
06:51 10. Separate the column
07:26 11. Choose layout style, classic, modern, mono, web
08:15 12. Add a graph, diagram or barchart
09:23 13. Choose the graph wide
10:06 14. Change colors of units and graphs
11:14 15. Add your nickname, channel name, website or anything else
11:53 16. Add a big FPS “counter”
12:39 17. Instal “HWiNFO”, run sensors only
12:48 18. Look around a bit, keep in mind what you want to display on screen
13:20 19. Add sensors to MSI Afterburner
15:02 20. Colors (Deep dive)

10K likes and i will upload a second video with more tips and tricks.

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  1. is there any plugin or anything i can to do to add the time ? ( clock ) ? cuz when i play i want to the see the time on the same screen

  2. Excelente tutorial! Há tempos que eu procurava saber como fazer isso.
    Excellent tutorial! I’ve been trying to know how to do that for a long time.

  3. i try to do the same as you frametime graph, but it seems doesnt work, weird, i just wanna to make the black border look thin as yours

  4. How do you change the time? I enabled it but I was hoping to change it to 12hr format but I cant seem to find that setting on MSI afterburner. Any help would be great

  5. Man this was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. And this comes for someone who doesn’t comment often on Youtube vids. Great job ! Many thanks ! Subscribed 😉

  6. Thanks for this guide. I have question – do you know why in settings of HWinfo plugin i can`t add at the same time GPU Fan RPM and GPU Fan % with HWInfo? It can be only RPM or only % in my case.

  7. Well…No matter what i do…To me dsnt want to show shit. I have 3 days hitting my head on the wall..
    It just dont show up.

  8. Wolfgang, Go to the “Profiles” folder and put the configuration for download in the description of this video.

  9. Which font and font size did you go for in the end because it changes after you end the font segment

  10. Hey great video mate but I can’t get the % low and avg fps in separate columns regardless of the fact that I followed each step as it is and carefully. Please help 🙂

  11. Thank you master so say the truth out with v RAM 8 gb with me your cpu is always the same am also with 34 -84 – 126 – 156 – 256 -375 on in hi end always the same so I’m not a gamer so I’m glad that over that you do it great emulated while gaming it doesn’t get better I can drive as much fps as I want and at some point it won’t come anymore, and what else 1440p 4kp also have a lower limit run exactly on the same fps jumps a PC at the limit means everything at the limit + 1000 things by the way if you want please (that’s why I said at the time Pascal doesn’t make you bad – be careful with ddr5, wait and see. Why should everyone try to buy the most expensive where everyone needs something and where it is so necessary) if the other one is simpler, I think it also works someday it does not work now, first of all people should all get along with the system, but what do I know

  12. i am searching this for hours… i just couldn’t add gpu and cpu power to AfterBurner. 13:30 saved me, thanks a lot.

  13. you cover almost everything but one thing I saw on someone’s else video that when certain values changes it also change its color e.g. if CPU usage changes from low(50%) to high(90%) it changes from yellow to green and then red. How can I do that?

  14. Didn’t realise afterburner could show cpu temps? That would save me having to run HWimfo or Hwmonitor right?

  15. I’ve gone wrong somewhere as i can’t get Framerate low and 0.%1 low to show even though it’s set to ” In OSD ” Great Video as i’ve been trying to get it setup like this for ages lol

  16. You are just amazing. It solved my problem when I select one by one on the list. Thanks a lot!


  18. Hello, can you help me out a little bit? I can’t figure out how to make the on-screen display fill as narrow as possible, i changed the graph width but it’s just the graph getting shorter and the display fill is still unnecessarily wide..
    Here is my picture:
    This is how i want it to look 10:02, to make the display fill as narrow as possible.
    Do you think they changed it in newer versions? Because as i said, lowering numbers in the graph width doesn’t help after a certain point and i could clearly make it more narrow, thanks.

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