Today I will talk about eight common network troubleshooting tools: butt sets, multimeter, Toner & Probe, cable tester, TDR, cable certifier, OTDR, and OPM.

Topology & cabling, & physical cabling structure:
Ethernet Basics:
IPv4 Basics:

OSI Model and related:

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  1. Thank you for doing this one. Surprisingly there are alot of questions on network+ regarding ethernet and Fiber troubleshooting toos

  2. Hello Sir. thank you for your useful content. May you explain about the difference between Data plan and Control plan? thank you

  3. Your videos have been very helpful to learn. Please make videos on common industrial protocols CIP , Ethernet/IP, MODBUS TCP to understand them with OSI models

  4. Hi Sunny, can you make a video on the storage network? concepts around NAS, SAN, AFP, SMB NFS, iSCSI, thank you

  5. Love your videos, im taking a break from school this semester but still studying and watching your videos they help out alot

  6. Good afternoon Sunny, hope you are well. I am a new subscriber (just watched your video on subnetting and the Super Sunny Table!).

    I just looked through the other videos you have on your channel, and I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on a possible path to take as a troubleshooter.

    I have been a bench technician, working on communication / navigation equipment, repairing to component level (using oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc.), and I also worked as a line maintenance Avionics Technician for a major airline, keeping the aircraft on schedule throughout the day.

    I am now looking at an IT path, and have been researching Linux, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security certifications. However, after seeing the videos you have for troubleshooting, and all about wiring / cabling, I am wondering about a path in this direction.

    Is there a career path in this area? Working as a troubleshooter of people’s networks, becoming familiar with all types of wiring / cabling and how companies are connected in all areas, not just desktop computers?

    Thank you Sunny, stay safe out there,


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