OBS Refusing to Run on your Machine? Fret Not. Today I will suggest you a Lightweight and free software that will allow you to Screen record on Pretty old Computers as well. And Not just that, I shall also suggest optimum settings for best experience!

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1. Free and Easy to use Alternatives to OBS screen Recorder. Free Desktop Recording Applications for Windows.
2. Full guide on How to Record Games and Screen with MSI After Burner.
3. MSI After Burner Video Capture Settings Explained. What are the Best and Optimum Screen Recording Setting for older or slow Hardware.
4. What to use in case OBS in not supported on your PC, desktop or laptop.
5. Screen Recording with Unsupported or Old Outdated GPU. Also on laptops where Graphics card cannot be upgraded to use Shadow play or AMD Relive.
6. What can I use instead of OBS? Is there anything better than OBS?
7. How can I record my computer screen for free
8. Guide to Record with MSI AfterBurner. Optimum settings, Formats, Container, FPS, Frame size and more.
9. BEST SCREEN RECORDER FOR LOW END PC or Laptop. How to Record Your Gaming Screen With MSI Afterburner for Free. How to record gameplay using MSI Afterburner.

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