In this video we’re taking a look at the Orro Smart Switch. It’s a wired switch that not only controls the lights in that room but, it also controls many other smart home devices with it’s built in retina- quality display.

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  1. No timeline for LIFX support means no go for me. Love the look, love the concept, but I’ll probably buy Brilliant switches just because they support more of my devices. Hard to believe a company created a smart switch and made their entire sales pitches and selling point about how it will adjust the light intensity and temperature of your smart lights based on the time of day and on ambient light sensors but it doesn’t support one of the two biggest names in smart lights

  2. Damn! All you people want all this other stuff and here I am happy that I found a switch that’s still wired and will operate my Hue bulbs and still have power on. Only thing I’d like is the price to be cheaper.

  3. Hopefully in the future they can have alexa built in just like the new smart thermostat for example the new ecobee smart thermostat the have alexa built in

  4. Great review it looks like a great product but 200 dollars for just one is to expensive the amazon echo show 5 is cheaper because you can control your switches or your smart things in your room the advantage they have is that they motion sensors

  5. You are amazing I just watch one video and I love it I will the smart switch can be a cheaper price and how’s it on Google assistant

  6. Its ok if you have or upgraded switch with the extra Neutral wire but most are only wired with switch wires i.e live in live out as the neutral is in the light fitting

  7. Great time to come across this smart switch. I was going to buy the Kasa Wifi switches however this switch gives a new dimension to these switches capabilities. I would love to try these out before buying them in bulk for my house. Anyways, I would love to see the integration with HomeKit, Spotify and Google Nest. +1 for the intercomm functionality. Thank you for this great review Steve 👍🏻

  8. I really need this, this is very useful. especially the intercom function and can control all other smart devices. very convenient!

  9. The Orro switch is next trial up for a kitchen remodel that includes standard lights and Hue. I have tried Brilliant.. too expensive and was as not responsive as needed. Tried Inovelli.. mistake since I did not realize it was Z-Wave only and needed a smart hub like SmartThings. Tried Caseta. ..decent, but not sophisticated enough. IF, Orro works, I will add others to my basement and other rooms. For integrations, it would be nice to have Rachio added.

  10. I’d like to see the integration with Sonos get released, as well as Z-Wave/Zigbee hubs other than Smartthings. I know that Smartthings is the most well known, but part of the Orro brand is that local control is important; reliance on clouds that can come and go, or go down, stinks. Turning on the lights in my living room means three different switches; I don’t want to spend $600 for one room, so I’m stuck with Smartthings cloud fun for now.

  11. I’d love to see integration with arlo where it can blink the lights if the camera detects someone.

  12. I don’t see how this is worth it at all. Grab smartthings hub and a dirt cheap tablet with wall mount and waaay more powerful, capable, and connects to far more devices. Also far less likely to go out of business

  13. Great product reviews. Nice to your channel. Keep them coming. The outlet would be cool to win.

  14. Definitely a premium switch, reminds me of a slimmed down Brilliant Switch. I think using it in a bedroom where I might have lights and fans. So if a switch could the devices it controls and then one swipe to another smartthings device. Otherwise I’m thinking bathrooms for automation and auto-on/auto-off capabilities.

  15. I have been looking for a smart switch. I link the touchscreen interface.can it work with 2 way or 3 way switches?

  16. I’ve been following this company for a little bit now. It would be nice to have LIFX, Nest and maybe even Arlo or Eufy.

  17. I would love to see them integrated with more established lighting ecosystems like Lutron Caseta, then maybe broad SmartThings integration. Those switches look incredible with tons of potential.

  18. It could be integrated with robot vacs, indoor and outdoor camera’s, doorbell cameras and further IFTTT integration.

  19. I’d like to see it have some Hubitat integration and maybe a version with fewer features and lower cost.

  20. I’d like to see if this would integrate with Home Assistant. Also would be cool if it had some kind of fan or shades control.

  21. at that price i mind as well buy a whole bunch of kindles and put them all over the house with home assistant. the concept is cool however very niche item due to price

  22. I’m new to setup smart device would like to add it. Like to see it work with C lights from GE and maybe with ring system. I got a Nest thermostat hope it works with that

  23. Nest integration would be nice, as would Wyze. Looks like a nice product. I would be interested to see a follow-up, more in depth review with some more integrations.

  24. This is one of the best switches I’ve seen! I know it’s not practical / possible but if it was white, I’d buy 5! I think I can get them past the wife approval factor in a couple of rooms, but nowhere public 🙁

  25. This isnt necessarily an integration but a request if they dont already have this option…In one of my rooms there are 3 switches that control the lighting in that room…I think i saw in the video, that they only offer 3 way max…would love to see this in a 4 way option.

  26. Good review. It would be nice for them to integrate with HomeAssistant. I like the ability to control more than just a single light, but like you would like to limit was is accessible from each switch.

  27. That is pretty expensive for limited functionality. If I’m going to spend that much money, might as well pony up for a Brilliant switch.

  28. Spend $100 more and purchase the brilliant switch, does so much more, with a larger screen, and it will show the ring doorbell camera when someone rings the doorbell. This is a nice switch, but way to small.

  29. work with all the smart camera system out their like ring arlo nest blink and so on.also with security system like doors open and close it could tell you .like chime when open and close.and nest and philips hue integration .be able to change color of each light bulb.and set camera trigger alerts.keep up good video.

  30. For that price I would like to see doorbell camera display. Monitor all my cameras from a wall switch

  31. I’d love to see Harmony, lutron, and wyze integration in this thing. Definitely going to buy one… if I don’t win one first 🙂

  32. Hello, I’m a contractor. I just fitted an entire home with smart switches. I may use these on my next project. I would like to see Nest thermostat, and Sonos speaker integration. This will do well some of my clients.

  33. I’d love to see a nest integration that way I could use it to see my front door camera. I think I saw the August integration. So that is nice to have. Seems like a great light switch but I just can’t justify the cost. It would be nice though to swap a 3 gang outlet with a screen so that it’s basically a smart display with having the ability to control all the switches in the room as well

  34. This is a great alternative to other models that are on the market now. Although pretty pricey the features that it comes with are useful.

  35. I love how these integrate but i think its overkill…. most people are not gonna understand how to use it and will just cause more confusion. For me who is in Tech will have no issue but everyone in my family will be clueless. lol

  36. I would like to see Simplisafe integration – arm system, then act as a motion sensor, and Sonos integration – playlist selection, volume control, and possibly option to join existing speaker group and activate when motion is sensed.

  37. I would love to be able to see this integrated with a hub like smart things to be able to control and have more access to customization for me to buy it.

  38. Great video! Since I am invested completely in Apple I want to see HOMEKIT integration. Since this is a wifi switch it is completely possible and would be a huge selling point. ORRO just needs to pay for the license / API to Apple. Once HOMEKIT is integrated it opens all other compatible platforms to work together like Ikea Trådfri, Philips Hue, Ecobee, etc some are already integrated!
    UPDATE : I spoke with ORRO and they said HOMEKIT integration soon and more!!
    I think I will use my 40% off to buy the 6 pack! (Great deal!) Sign up for newsletter to get first time order 40% off!

  39. Absolutely starting to love my smart home integrations. Some can be a little tedious, but it’s getting smoother 🙂

  40. at this moment most smart home devices are obsolete unless its few century old company or big tech company. Hope this one lasts

  41. I’d love to see Smart thing, MyQ, iRobot and I was going to say Wemo but that wouldn’t happen because this will be competing with them. Looks awesome tho! I would love to try one out and put throughout my house! 😁

  42. These switches look pretty cool. It would be awesome if they had more cameras/doorbells added to it so you could see what’s going on around your house.

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