While updating Windows on your computer, are you stuck on a message -”Undoing changes made to your computer”? This error message will keep your system from getting the Windows update. Usually it occurs when you are done downloading updates and waiting for your computer to apply changes after restart. But the message shows up in the middle of the restart
process. If you are stuck in this restart loop on your system, there can be multiple ways to get yourself out of this situation. Watch the video to learn how to fix Windows 10 undoing changes error.

Read the detailed process in the blog post –

Download Advanced System Optimizer: https://bit.ly/3bEreqr


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  1. I’m very confused because my computer can’t even get to the Home Screen. What am I supposed to do I can’t access anything to solve it

  2. Hey you know when u get a app from a website and it says Do u want this app to make changes to ur pc and theres two options yes or no i clicked yes and now im having such horrible problems please tell me what to do with that without reseting ur whole pc back to normal when you bought it

  3. F8 didn’t worked out for me . I followed the comments section to use F11. It worked and provided me a big relief! Shout out to guys who helped me.

  4. I literally can’t update my PC. When it updates and the updates is on the computer, it keeps undoing the changes, putting it back to windows 1703

  5. I’ve tried a lot of solutions, and this one works for me;
    1. Press ESC a lot
    2. F11 – system recovery
    3. Change OS


  6. i cant do any of these things bc it keeps saying “undoing changes made to your computer” this video is not helpful at all

  7. if SHIFT + F8 is not working then as the device is starting PRESS AND HOLD only F11
    This worked for me

  8. 🔴🔴🔴
    Everybody listen here- you guys do not do nothing. Please connect the internet wait sometime. The update will continue. I am damn sure

  9. F2- is set up
    F4- is For recovery
    F8 or F11/ F12 won’t work either!!
    Please Help!!!

    P.S. Samsung laptop 2012 model 😢😢

  10. Don’t press anything.give it some time.it will automatically turn on.take 1 to 2 hr.dont afraid just remain on sometime

  11. my screen is completely black and it says undoing changes made to your computer. nothing happens when pressing shift and F8 and i can’t leave this screen

  12. I’m stuck with this, and when I do the f8 thing, it brings me to (f12 setup) and (f2 boot options), then I press one and it brings me to the preboot system assessment. The other doesn’t do much. I’m running the test right now

  13. Basically the problem was
    My windows was updating and the charge was full
    It took 2 hrs for the uptd and later i checked my pc and laptop was shut down

    I reopened to learn about upt and it said that undoing changes
    And i waited for about 10 min and it was fixed

  14. can somebody help me? i already press and hold shift+f8 but nothing happend.. it still loading like a stupid buffalo

  15. Can you help me ? That was literally happen in my pc but I tried to press and hold shift plus f8 but the safe mode doesn’t show up.

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