If you have ever forgotten your Windows login password you know how frustrating that can be because of course without it you cant log onto your computer. There is some easy to use softwre called PCUnlocker that will let you create a boot disk and erase or change the password for any user account on your computer with just a few clicks.


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  1. Thank you for such a clear video. One question if I may; you mention that the PCUnlocker software needs to be saved to a CD using another computer before the CD is inserted into the PC for which the Admin password has been forgotten. I have an Admin account AND a local user account (the latter being used on a daily basis, with the Admin account used only to add/remove programs, etc.). Can I create the PCUnlocker CD via my (still accessible) local user account rather than having to find a second PC? Thanks!

  2. as a computer tech, this tool doesn’t always work… it hardly ever shows a SAM file in windows 10 so I never see any accounts… waste of $50 for enterprise version…

  3. Thanks for a clear easy to follow video! At some point we forgot the password on an old laptop and I downloaded the unlocker software but didn’t want to screw up anything. This was quick and easy to follow!

  4. I’ve downloaded PC Unlocker onto a computer I can access… but how do I put it on a CD ROM or USB so I can actually start using on the computer thats locked?

  5. Will this unlock Microsoft account password for the account if you can’t remember phone number or email ect great video thanks!

  6. Is there a computer limit with the full version? Been looking at some other programs like this and for the basic package, it says resets 1-3 pc’s.

  7. Not great advice since many bios are locked/password protected. One won’t be able to choose boot order,,

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