Quick 4K 144Hz benchmark with Ultra settings, maxed out FPS at 141fps steady (frame capped due to G-Sync being enabled).

Unreal performance!

EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra
10900K @ 5.0Ghz all cores
4000Mhz CL16 4x8gb
LG 27GN950-B 4K 144Hz G-Sync Monitor
Win10 Pro

op auto clicker

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  1. Hello bro i have a RTX 3080 with a Monitor zowie 1080 at 244hz… Now im playing siege at 240 fps but im thinking on upgrade my monitor to a LG 27GN950B (the same monitor of your video)… Does it worth it? I mean playing on 4k at 140fps than playing at HD at 244?

  2. Me, thinking I’m gonna have amazing graphics and high fps with my ps5, then watching this and being disappointed at myself

  3. Can’t wait for the rtx 3000 generation to fall in price, biggest upgrade in a long time for NVIDIA

  4. Went out 3 hours early to Canada Computers. Really didn’t know what to expect. They had 3 cards, which went to the group that was their at midnight. Was actually happy for them. What a day that was.

  5. Great video! The sharpness of the video is actually insane. Could u please show ur recording settings? That would help me a lot 😀

  6. this might sound weird but DM me on twitter if you odn’t need the card because i see you have a 144 hz monitor my twitter is @Khal1dR6

  7. Can you please please please test pubg for me in 1080p low/ultra and 4k low/ultra. I really need to know this before im upgrading. Thanks in advance 🙏

  8. ay man i have been looking everywhere for 1080p can you please be the man the myth the legend that does it

  9. please do a 1080p video in game not the benchmark result tho. Many competitive gamers like me would be happy. thanks/.

  10. Nice. No Microcenter in Florida or else I’d be in that line too to get a 3080. Looking forward to your BF1 & BFV videos.

  11. can you please do a video of 1080p this game with no anti aliasing please i really dont care about 4k

  12. Gratz on your card man, thx for the performance vid. Not sure if I ever mentioned but I was finally able to snag a 10900K back in late July at msrp from newegg. I love the performance, I was slightly concerned about the pcie3 bandwidth issue but now we know pcie3 is still plenty of bandwidth for the new 3000 series cards. I’m waiting for Aorus 3080 Extreme to release so I prolly wont be able to grab one until Nov and hopefully no later than early Dec. Really stoked to play CP2077 w/ this new card at 1440p w/ DLSS 4K upscaling and Ray Tracing enabled.

    Btw, what watt psu are you using? I currently have a EVGA G3 750watt Gold and Im wondering if I might need to upgrade my psu. Most of the YT tech reviewers say the 750 should still be plenty. What do you think? Anyways thx again for the vid, peace.

  13. Sorry guys I have been up for like 27 hours. Was exhausted doing this video. Gotta sleep and then I’ll be uploading some tests and videos.

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