The SwitchBot Bot has been around for about 3 years on Amazon, originally funded on Kickstarter.

The Bot is a simple and relatively affordable way to add smart home controls to your old none smart devices.

The device itself is battery operated and sticks onto whatever device you plan to automate. When activated, a little robotic arm pops out press down on anything it touches.

It is controlled via Bluetooth and can be paired to a hub allowing remote control and the ability to set up home automation scenes.

What can I use the SwitchBot Bot for?

Anything that has a physical switch, but there will always be some limitations. In my house, possible options include:

  • Filter coffee machine (I already use a timer, but this would offer smart control)
  • Light switches – Smart light switches in the UK are a bit of a nightmare, and smart bulbs can work out costly if you use things like GU10 spotlights – there is an included addon that allows the Bot to pull back on the switch giving you on/off control.
  • Plug sockets
  • Powering on none Wi-Fi robot vacuums
  • Pedestal or any cooling fan, this could be combined with the SwitchBot thermometer for smarter automation
  • Switching on a PC (though most PCs can do this themselves on schedule via the BIOS)


  • Battery Powered
  • Lightweight, reasonably small and sticks on with 3M table
  • Accessory to pull back on rocker light switches giving on/off control
  • No hub required for basic schedule
  • Hub compatibility allowing you to set up scenes and enable voice control


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