A ground fault is an unintentional electrical connection between DC and the grounding system of the array. Learn how to troubleshoot the two error messages, EarthCurr and GFDI Open, when a ground fault is detected.


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  1. SMA good work,please share your distributorship network in Africa,more so in Est Africa.Another milestone to Renewable Energy Development.

  2. Hi Greenmillenia,
    Thanks for your request.
    Could you please send us an E-Mail to [email protected], in which country/countries you’re interested in? We can provide details then.

    Thanks Henrik

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  4. Thanks for your video…
    I am from Morocco, i have one SMA inverter 11 000w, 230v… and i have one problem (Vac:srr)…. please is there any solution.

  5. @ 2:50, this guy says something that doesn’t make any sense to me! He is saying that Voltage between A + B is open circuit voltage, but that both A + B are = 0V. This is simply NOT possible. If A = 0 and B= 0, then A = B, right? Somebody please fix this video, it is an embarrassment or maybe I am crazy!

  6. thank you nick borowiec ihave SUNNY TRIPOWER 17000tl > the problem (6429) ess-igbt .Is it possible to clarify the holidays

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