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  1. Did he chain a single displayport into all three monitors, like daisy chained into the one displayport output on the 3090?

  2. You should really build you a sim racing cockpit for those triple monitors. Sim racing is an addictive hobby that is a ton of fun. Direct drive wheel and some Heusinkveld pedals and you’ll be HOOKED!

  3. I got whiplash from looking from side to side when I had multiple monitors. Now I just use a single 60″ TV as my monitor.

  4. 30 FPS on Among Us is slick. I keep getting too many frames on that game so Im glad that the 3090 can fix it

  5. I bought that same monitor too based on Hardware Unboxed review. Was back ordered for like a month, but eventually received it.

  6. Oh my Lord gracious. I use my laptops screen and a 2nd HORRID LCD TV that’s SOOOO old and grainy and not even at 60 GHz lmao. Im so jelly

  7. Kyle, try running the first game with DX12 instead of DX11. Maximum texture size for DX11 was 8,192 x 8,192 pixels while DX12 is 16,384 x 16,384 pixels. 3 monitors x 3840 pixels = 11,520 pixels while 2 monitors x 3840 pixels = 7,680 which explains why it can’t extend to all 3 monitors but does show a bit (the remaining 512 pixels for the full 8,192) on the 3d monitor. Either that or they hard coded maximum texture size to 8K in the game. 🙂

    How do I know about this limitation? Because I once tried to run a multi monitor system composed of one 4K monitor and two 2560×1600 monitors and run into that DX11 limit in Windows 7 (Windows 10 itself does not suffer from that problem because it uses DX12 internally, while Windows 7 used DX11).

    Under Windows 7, Aero would simply refuse to turn on with a stupid error message but would not tell me what the actual problem was. It was a PITA to find out what the actual cause was and the only solution was to run one of the 2560×1600 monitors at a lower resolution.

  8. In a few years he’s gunna have like 30 4k monitors on a rtx 7090 and need fricken binoculars to see the end monitors

  9. 3:55 Funny, just today I was considering this since I want a 3rd monitor for editing/streaming and I currently have an ultrawide+4k. Don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my ultrawide, but I feel all the points he makes about triple 4k.

  10. Does Among Us actually show the wider picture so you are seeing other rooms on the left and right monitors? Because that is a massive advantage, you could be somewhere else and see the Imposter kill someone.

  11. does anyone know if windowed full screen also skews performance like regular windowed mode or can you run a game in windowed fs instead of actual fs

  12. Of course the first game you test is Cold War, Im boutta sell my rx 5700xt for a 3070 cus this shit keeps crashin

  13. I have an idea; on January 1st 2021 at 12:00am we should type into google why does my clock say “11:60pm December 31st 2020” for absolute hell for anyone who is looking at most popular google searches

  14. I don’t know many people who game on Ultra Max settings. Most People for aim for medium to high settings, Depending on the game, I think you guys should start benchmarking games on high settings.. I try to game on High settings. I sometimes have to mix medium and high settings together. Maybe lower shadows and stuff like that a little bit so I can game at 1440 and 4K above 60 FPS..

  15. His monitors together are probaly more expensive than most people’s complete setup no need to talk about his pc

  16. approved content – semi realistic for many gamers and content creators soonish whether they know it or not

  17. You just gave everyone who plays among us on pc a great way to find out whos sus or even when is best to kill…. You ruined among us for the normal people 🙂

  18. You should have shown the racing game in 1st person. I feel like that would be very immersive with triple panels.

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