The LG UltraGear 27GN950 is a 27-inch IPS 4K 144hz Monitor with G-Sync, HDR & 1ms Response. It’s the Ultimate 4K Gaming monitor – but is it worth £750 and should you buy it?

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Video Producer: Peter Honeyands

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  1. I’m sure DOOM ETHERAL will run just fine 4K 144Hz with my 3090… but beter go 32″ with HDMI 2.1.

  2. 4k on a 27 inch screen is mostly useless…43 inches and above is better…I’m trying to decide on which monitor to get and am leaning towards the LG 38 inch ultrawide HDR600 panel.

  3. does the the screen have a protective plastic layer on the screen i need to take off? i cant tell on mine lol

  4. Hi guys I have recently upgraded to Xbox series X and My PC to an i9 10900k and RTX 3090 would this montior be good with my setup in terms of performance thanks in advance.

  5. Why bother showing Crysis Remastered it’s a terrible optimised game. TERRIBLE!
    It’s like they did it deliberately so the ”can it run crysis” meme can live on.

  6. I just bought one of these, sadly I can’t fully utilize it. I have a monitor rn that is not holding up. SO I needed a new one and got this. Because I PLAN to get a 3070, but that seems to not be working out. I currently have a 970, so yea I am not going to be using this thing right for a while.

  7. Unfortunately, I’m in that niche category of consumers who is looking for 4k resolution for work then high performance for gaming. I’ve been using a gaming monitor for work and the blurry text just torches my eyes. My wife points out the perpetual eye bags and tired eyes look from staring at a screen all day. So I’m planning on splurging on this monitor to help with both work and gaming.

  8. Running two 2080tis on sli can push 144 at 4k with everything maxed. Much better than 1440p if you can run it. I have a 32in 4k 60hz currently in the acer predator x32. The problem with 32in is this. All the 32in 4k monitors are 60hz. The next gen 32in 4k panels coming out sometime this year from asus and acer that are capable of 144hz will retail for around 3500 at launch. When compared to that price tag, 27in seems like a bargain.

  9. Finally restocked and picked one up yesterday, it’s dang beautiful with my 3080! Didn’t bother waiting for the 2021 27GP950 which is going to add HDMI 2.1 120Hz VRR if you wanna use it with PS5 or Series X.

  10. I’m wanting something for high refresh gaming (1440p) and content creation (4k, colour accuracy) so this seems to be perfect for me

  11. No noticeable difference. I have both and a capable gaming pc, 1080p high refresh is superior and much cheaper. 4k will be dead tech soon as far as gaming is concerned unless it becomes MUCH cheaper.

  12. After snagging an RTX 3090 I think I owe it to myself to pick one of these bad boys up… The never ending money pit that is PC gaming ensues…

  13. So I heard that HDR on this thing is kinda weird and that alot of people say that you shud just turn it off, is that true?

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