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00:59 Instructions and How to Get
01:39 Program Installations
02:12 System Tweaks
05:00 Windows Security
05:42 Windows Updates

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  1. Backup your OneDrive folder(s) very well as all files are permanently deleted as far as I can tell. Wasn’t well prepared, my bad. Good project, thanks.

  2. I love the script, I’m using it a lot lately. I’m from Argentina and I have to say that the script has a defect, it changes the time upon the first reboot. I have to update syncronization of time to fixit. As I see it doesnt change the time zone

  3. Messes with group policy updates even without setting them in the program. Not good at all. Actually – bad, very bad! Had to download O&O and revert changes, all aside from drivers intall, had to reset it manually as it was stuck, altoght showing as “not configured”.
    Also – why set time to UTC? Who the heck thought fo that?!
    Why remove superfetch? older PC might benefit from it.
    Why disable hybernation all together (even if disabled already in the settings) (setting removed compeletly from the power setting menu for hybernation and hybrid sleep). Why do that?!
    OneDrive shortcut is not removed if the system is not an original 20H (older systems updated to 20H and beyond).

    Overall, you’re safer with o&o + manual removal of apps (what you can remove manualy – do so, for the rest fo stuborn stuff – get crapcleaner).

  4. Hey, this is probably an issue on my end, but every time it takes a snapshot (when clicking essential), it gets frozen on 99%. Any ideas? Or do I just need to wait several hours. Thanks

  5. Wow! just super brilliant!!! such passion and commitment to his craft. 😊 I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work Mr. Chris.

    I’m just currently a college student in a third world country, and my family can’t afford a brand new laptop with the latest specs to able to run certain applications that I use in my engineering studies smoothly. I now use a 10 years old laptop which was passed on to me by my older brother, and things aren’t getting any better for older systems nowadays.

    Just Recently I found one your videos, followed your instructions and BOOM!!! Extra performance added to my system, just like that. Though not by like a lot a lot, but any actual improvements actually means so much to me. 😊😊😊 Thanks!

  6. Great tool… Thank you vey much…. Worked greate in one of my laptops but on different one I can’t launch it…
    I get the following error message: “‘iex’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file”… Is it because I’m using W10 Home in this laptop?

  7. Hello, first of all thanks for all the effort in the project. I’ve received today a new SSD so i went for a fresh windows 10 installation on an old laptop ASUS B400A with a i3 3217U. Since the laptop is so old and i needed maximum performance even for a few light games to friend’s house i tought a debloat could be great so i went here and used the script but some weird stuff happened:

    Some keys on the keyboard basically give a wrong output, the M gives 0 , the P gives a ; and so on a few others (more than half of the keyboard works fine, around 30% gives totaly random outputs)

    I went in and restored the system to the last point where all the stuff was working fine and it worked, the keyboard was working fine again.

    So i tought maybe was a bug or something so went in and tried again the script just to make sure that the cause is this and… nothing, again identical problem with identical wrong outputs.

    Just finished now another restore point and i’m trying to understand what is exactly being deleted from the script that is causes this problem. After the script I even downloaded the asus utility to make sure maybe some drivers got removed but the asus utility was saying there wasn’t any update. I’ve tried even the classic method on going to device manager and uninstalling drivers and rebooting but neither that worked. This is driving me crazy can anyone help? Anyone got same issue?

  8. suggestion: since you have a gui available. why not add information what does each button do once you hover your pointer on it.

  9. Uninstalled CandyCrush and facebook, again.

    I also had to reactivate “Windows [7] Photoviewer”, again.

    There is a limit to how much garbage I have to take from win 10.

  10. hi bud, tried to paiste this in a few times..just get a row of stuff in red writing…any idea what me doing wrong? thanks for video

  11. This is great really my crappy junker laptop apart from my pristine laptop that i already did this got a significant speed boost…. Also is there any way to keep this script alive lets says if GitHub is down, how would i proceed?

  12. After running the program, I tried to system restore, but i got a message saying that the restore failed. Now there is about 4 gigabytes of storage less on my computer! What do i do?

  13. Great Work,
    It saves a ton of time after fresh instalations and release updates.

    Could you implement a Windows Update Bandwith limiter, for users with a slow internet connection.

  14. I had the problem of telemetry still being re-enabled at some point every day so I gave your essential tweaks a try but it’s still the same. Any advice?

  15. Chris. My Computer is really zippy after disabling some things via buttons on your script. Thank you so much.

  16. Hi chris, I have a suggestion to improve your program a little bit, what if you implement pop up description when one pass the pointer over the options ? just suggesting so people know what each one of those options do.

  17. Glad i found you videos, expecting my new laptop next week and definitely want all the bloatware off it, thanks for taking the time to do this

  18. My question is, does this makes the system as clean as an LTSC windows?
    Is there a way of achieving a LTSC+[gaming features] hybrid?

  19. Maybe it is too much of an asking, but a pop up on every button to lightly explain what is going to do? (or a F1 key prompt to summarize each button effect). I have no window search now and not sure how to put it back XD…
    Besides that, and amazing script.

  20. I need to get my notifications center back I did what is said in this video now its gone.can someone tell what to do

  21. The PowerShell script keeps getting stuck on Essential Tweaks? It freezes on “Showing task manager details”, and the GUI is frozen and nothing can be clicked.

  22. From one tech to another tech, thank you Chris! This is an excellent script. I use for all my reloads and sales of new PC’s.

  23. Thanks Chris Titus so much. Excellent work. My old Windows 10 runs very very slow. After running this powershell script, it backs to normal. I tried AVG tune up before, it didn’t work for me, but deleted a lot of my photos from downloads folder. Chris’s script really improved my old laptop’s performance very much. Even thou the task manager shows a little, process number reduced from 215 to 186, memory reduced about 10%, but the performance improvement is phenomenal.

  24. man i just try every button and no thing work no apps deleted or installed evrey thing same as before

  25. Any way to revert the changes done to my Windows Search? It has completely disabled searching throughout my whole computer. I’ve followed countless guides that all ended up leading me well… back here, anyway to revert this?

  26. Chris, this is seriously good work. My only thing that isn’t perfect is you need a progress notifier that it’s working. Like if the UI was not dependent on the command line not doing something. Threading the UI away from the tasks. This is probably too much work, but if you click on something and had a message that it was working in the UI, that would be good enough.

    Thanks again for such an awesome tool! I used to use 0&0 Shutup but this has been the only thing I use now.

  27. Good Morning Chris! Been using linux for a while and had to switch to windows recently for a new job. Your making that transition a little easier haha windows sucks less with every video I watch!

  28. Invoke Expression : A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument ‘iex’.
    How to run the command from txt or bat

  29. I noticed you listed Print Spooler as part of what gets removed from the bloat

    Does this making it impossible to print something? Or does it just make it take longer?

  30. @Chris Titus Tech
    How do you debloat Windows 8.1? and can you create a script that deletes unnecessary services in Win 10?

  31. I used to have office activated with kms but after running this i can no longer activate it. Do yo know what can i do?

  32. What if i dont want to remove the winodws apps, i and i also use few microsoft store apps(like MyTube) ?

  33. Chris – I have already used your DeBloat script for Win 10 and everything is just great but I noticed in your new Toolbox you have an option for the Updates that allows Security Updates. The previous programs I had used from your previous videos allowed me to enable or disable the updates only. How can I just allow the Security Updates or do I have to install the new Toolbox as the only solution ?

  34. Chris one thing it’s very confusing about your user interface. Chris I can’t tell whether it’s adding or removing it it just has a button there to do what you know in your head it does I want you explain it verbally it still does it tell me whether you take it out remove it or it adds it that is very confusing to me so somewhere on your graphic user interface you need to put the simple verbiage this removes so-and-so or this adds these operations

  35. I’m not technically illiterate but nor am I anywhere near being able to poke around under the bonnet of a computer with any confidence. But this was so simple that I had no problems at all! My 4-year old Dell Inspiron Pentium was a a ‘money is tight’ purchase that has done the job for me but lately has been running intolerably slowly. I followed these instructions and now it’s starting up quickly, opening apps snappily, closing them promptly and, so far, none of those “is not responding” messages. Thanks Chris!

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