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  1. My power supply does not have a connector specifically for the CPU like the one at 6:29

    Please answer


  3. If it beeps but no display it means the graphics card,my pc was beeping and what i did i removed the graphics card clean it up little bit and plug it in,it worked

  4. One of my parrots actually broke my gaming PC. I tried to fix it but I am not well educated in these things. I hope the IT repair guys will believe me when I’ll have to tell them about why it’s broken in the first place haha.

  5. PSA Please watch the entire video before trying anything. There are some steps out of order (assuming you want to start with simple things first)

  6. I am 11 I follow these so carefully but no matter what I build it always fails no matter how hard I try!😢

  7. My case didn’t come with a power switch cord. It only came with an hddled cord, pwr led cord, front audio, and front usb… RiP

  8. Just thought i’d put it out here.. It’s mentioned in the video to not use some adapter/alternate lead for the cpu power; however, i used the plugs supplied with the power unit (x2 4pin connectors joined) and it worked great on the ASRock B450M PRO4-F.

  9. Thanks the error I had was #5. Is this really an error or what can I do to use the MOBO hdmi?

  10. Haha yeeesss, tried to connect my hdmi in gpu and it worked, i did it before i reset my cmos. Haha didnt think it would work, lost home but yeeeeeessssss! 😂😂😂

  11. ive lost all hope, i have put everything together accordingly for my pc build, but nothing happens when i press the power button. 🙁

  12. When I built my pc, I connected the motherboard instead of the gpu and didn’t notice for 3 years. There went my unused gtx 770

  13. Thank you so much! I was struggling to find out why my pc wasn’t displaying until I saw this video. I’m glad to say everything works now. Super helpful video THANK YOU

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this video. I just built my first computer and my monitor was not coming on. Thanks to your video I have found the problem. Thank you.

  15. My pc won’t start everything. Is on but the graphics card fan is off and I have hdmi connected to graphics card

  16. Thank you for this video, I forgot to plug in my CPU power connector! After fixing that I got to the post screen! 😀

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