How to create a Botable USB Flash Drive (Rufus + Windows 10) ►

Creation of a bootable USB Flash Drive, MBR vs GPT, Legacy vs UEFI (Rufus) ►

Make PC always boot into Safe Mode:
bcdedit /set default safeboot minimal

Stop PC from always booting into Safe Mode using Command Prompt:
bcdedit /deletevalue default safeboot

Stop PC from always booting into Safe Mode using GUI:
– Boot tab
– Safe Boot (uncheck it), OK

windows 10 iso

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  1. The boot configuration data store could not be opened. 
    The requested system device cannot be found?

  2. When I type in the command is says the boot confirguration data store could not be opened the requested systems device cannot be found help please

  3. Will this make my mouse and keyboard work since I can’t use my keyboard or mouse when I go to advanced options by restarting my computer three times please helpp

  4. IN CRE DI BLE !!!! Fantastic, thanks. It worked for me but not in the way I thought it would… This was an old laptop and I was not sure what Windows it had. I tried what you suggested but using Win 7 ISO (as it has Win 7), got the completed message but still not working on safe mode… I tried 32 bits, 64 bits, even tried XP as I wasnt sure… Then tried the Win 10 ISO USB boot, it detected Win 7 but I could still go to the command prompt, do as instructed, and then tadaaaaa! Safe more. Thanks 🙂

  5. cool . but i have a better one :
    press win key + r , type msconfig press enter . then go to boot tab and tick safeboot minimal 🙂 . Unless your computer is bricked or full of viruses your complicated method applies. works stating vista to win 10.

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