Here’s how to install Windows 10 from a USB flash drive.
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In this video, we will see how to install Windows 10 offline using a USB flash stick.

The first step is to create our Windows 10 USB installation media using the Microsoft Windows media creation tool, which is basically copying the installation files to the USB and configuring it to be bootable.

Then the second step is to install Windows 10 offline using this USB flash drive we created.
There are two possible ways to perform the offline installation for Windows 10, one way is to install from your Windows environment, that is from a running Windows, it could be Windows 7 or 8, another way is to install from your BIOS where you choose to boot from the installation media we just created. The process is basically the same for both ways.

If you don’t have Windows 10 license and you’re running a previous version of Windows like Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to ensure that your PC has been connected to the internet at least once since after it was activated, this is important for the free activation of Windows 10, however, you don’t need to be connected to the internet during the upgrade process.

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  2. Can you update this video? The website has changed. Now the download is a zip file and you can’t open it and run it as you’ve shown

  3. I did all of this but my PC was showing working on updates please don’t turn off your PC. Then the process was 98% complete it showed can’t install windows 10 in your PC and undoing the changes that made to your PC. And then showed 0xc000000e error. Why it happened? My windows 7 ultimate was fully genuine.

  4. Amazing video thanks I just Installed my Windows after 4 hours thanks to you thank you again Mr greetings from Colombia.

  5. Thank you for this. I just found this video while trying to find on how to fix the error on my laptop

  6. I have built a gaming computer and bought the Win 10 thumb drive and installed it. I’m building another one and am curious if I can use the same thumb drive but use a new Product Key. or do I have to buy a new thumb drive again.

  7. Bro,while downloading windows ISO FILES.
    Windows site ask to verify my windows product key(which I don’t have).
    Plz reply.can you fix this.

  8. The best tech site for me to be honest. Simple and very thorough. You speak as if you anticipate every question on my mind; and this applies to all your videos I have watched so far. I am based in Nigeria and tried to purchase a Windows Pro OEM using the ET20 promo code as advertised in one of your videos….unfortunately it failed. I noticed our region is not part of the beneficiaries. Is there any suggestion you van give for me to purchase a valid but cheap licence ? Thank you once again.

  9. You need a lot more subs!!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, getting right to the root of the problem, and for making it so very easy to understand.

  10. I have new Laptop came Windows 10 Home Activated already but No Media , I’m only Assuming this Vidieo will Help with That ? But I would still need an Activation Key will that be the Old Acivation Key Buried on the Laptop ( Somewhere ) Dell Laptop ( Guessing again ) ~ then ~ Windows 10 will Re-Install ( Only If I have Internet Connection ) ? or Only Activate After the USB Media Install ~ Thank You for Your Video and Quick Responses -as Laptop was Used ~ has ~ No Support

  11. Thanks to your videos I fixed my mum her pc! (Btw: your videos are making me smarter you need 99mil sub’s)

  12. My windows 7 desktop isn’t activated.
    Would it still work to install windows 10 with your method?

  13. Hello: I mistakenly did not uninstall Linux Ubuntu correctly, & deleted the partition. Oops!!!
    I got stuck on the GrubHub screen and you helped me with this video and your other video how to flash using the USB drive when booting up from BIOS. Thank you again, as my laptop is now installing Windows 10. Thank you so much.

  14. Excuse me, during the installation, my PC said “Error: Operaring System could not D.A.B hard enough”. Help me!!

  15. Don’t we need to login microsoft account to activate windows with digital license?
    Since i never login with microsoft account

  16. Soooo what if you want to install windows 10 on a hard drive that previously had linux(ubuntu) installed on it? I’ve been trying to get it to install, and it does install but it will not boot, just stays on the black screen with the underscore flashing that usually comes up before the windows 10 logo appears but the windows 10 logo never appears and it forever just stays at the black screen.

    And when I try with a different hard drive with windows 7 installed(product key no long valid) it will not let me install whatsoever.
    They said this would be easy but I’m just running into one compatibility issue after another. πŸ™

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