In this video, we cover basic troubleshooting tricks and tips for the Hayward TigerShark and SharkVac XL robotic, automatic pool cleaners. This video is designed to serve as a quick overview, and DOES NOT replace or supersede the detailed installation or operation requirements set forth in the product Owners & Installation Manual.

Topics Covered:
Cleaner is Not Moving 0:54
Cleaner is Moving Slowly 2:57
Cleaner is Not Cleaning the Entire Pool 5:01
Cleaner is Getting Stuck on Main Drains 6:44
Cleaner is Not Removing All the Debris in the Pool 7:04
Cleaner is Not Climbing the Walls 7:52
Cleaner is Floating 8:59
Cleaner is Running Longer than the Advertised Time 10:01

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  1. Hi, I have inherited the pool maintenance for our pool, I am wondering how to physically change the handle, so the tiger shark will change direction. Any help would be appreciated. Thank on advance, AM

  2. My cleaner has suddenly started ejecting dirt from the top as it is trying to clean. I feel like I’ve cleaned it thoroughly but it’s still doing it. Any ideas? TIA

  3. My cleaner won’t climb the walls anymore. I don’t think the impeller is working. Is the impeller the problem or the motor? It runs well, otherwise. I’ve read other threads having the same problem but nothing has been published to troubleshoot.

  4. Hi i would be grateful if anyone can give me advice my cleaner will not sink to the bottom of the pool the motor is working it will sink maybe 1 foot then come back up again cheers rob

  5. My machine is a lot older than this one, and the propeller is simply not working. Any ideas? thanks for the amazing video

  6. I know there is the regular version of the tiger shark. I know there is the qc version of the tiger shark. Are the motors the same in both models? Or is it that the qc is offered with a power supply that contains the qc button. Are there any differences between the two units?

  7. Mine is leaving lots of streak Mark’s not covering every spot I cleaned the filter everything looks good just cant figure it out and it wont climb the walls just stays there

  8. I have a Tiger Shark RC9990GR. Last season I used it to clean my pool, full cycle. It left some debris, so I took it out of the pool, changed the filters, and put it back in the water. Turned it on. It worked for a few minutes and turned off. Since it was the end of the season, I dried the unit off and removed the filters. Put it in storage. I am again ready to use the unit, and knew I had an issue. I placed a call to Hayward and was told I would get a reply from a tech in 24-48 hours. Well, I did…an email telling me to find the nearest service center. For all the money I paid for this unit, I would at least expect a phone call to discuss to see if there was a troubleshooting tip. Not impressed with Hayward at this point.

  9. I think there is something clogging the top part of my Tiger Shark but I cannot remove the piece that is shown in the video. It seems to be secured by a screw needing an Allen wrench. I tried metric and regular wrenches, every size, nothing works. How do you remove the top piece?

  10. Hi! I recently buy a Tigershark and I notice he just climb the wall on the first half an hour. Its normal? After I clean the filters he climbs again and than he stops climb again after a half an hour. Sometimes stays 10 minutes in a same place trying to climb. Thanks

  11. I bought my tiger shark june 2018 it worked fine for about 1 month then it stopped climbing walls and it doesn’t cover the whole pool area. My pool is fiber 12×25.

  12. My TigerShark turns on but it makes a clicking sound and barely moves.  Any idea what is causing this clicking sound?

  13. verify verify verifi,can you verify why my tiger shark goes few steps forward and back then stops?

  14. thank you for this video. Question.. my tiger shark starts to vaccum for about 2 ft, then stops. any fixes?

  15. First run of the season. Unit ran well for a little while (at least 10 minutes or longer) and then stopped. Now when I turn it on, both the impeller and the drive belts start for a few seconds and then stop. Then only the drive belts come back on and it continues to move for a few seconds without the impeller going before shutting off for good. Cleaned filter and checked impeller for clogs and did not find any. There is fine sandy material in the housing near the impeller but the impeller turns freely by hand and does not sound like it is grinding. What could be causing this behavior?

  16. When my cleaner passes over bottom debris, it picks up some of the debris but any fine particles are sent through the impeller into the pool water making it very cloudy after the pool cleaner has finished it’s cycle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jill

  17. Hi, I just bought a tigershark QC. I have run it twice. BOTH times it has missed a good sized area, and got stuck on the Main Drain. Stuck for 20 minutes untill I manually pulled it off. Any recommendations?

  18. I cannot find any references online at all for my Hayward eVac automatic pool vacuum. It has been great, but for the first time it simply needed a drive belt. I cannot find anything on it. No instructions came with the belt the the only thing I can find close is other similar but not close enough to be the same (several videos and how tos online for your other products, but nothing for the eVac).

    I just want instructions on how to get the belt off and new one back on. Because I could only watch videos of other models only, I’m afraid that in attempting to get the belt on, it broke the bearings off of the drive pulley that goes to the motor as a result of being a different model. There is no way I can get the new belt on it there is no way to manipulate the wheels, but there is NOTHING online for technical support with this model.

    Please help and thanks in advance.

  19. My tiger shark runs for two minutes then stops, I have checked the voltage, cord and all the other checks and its still not working. how do I contact the distributor? thank you

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