Learn what to do if you are having issues launching your downloaded PS4 game and see the message “Cannot use the content”.

Find out how to confirm ownership of downloadable PS4 games and restore licenses for your digital purchases.

Further troubleshooting steps include deleting the game without affecting your saved game data and re-downloading it. Activating the PS4 as the primary PlayStation 4 system for your account may also help to resolve this issue.

Activate your Primary PS4 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfBdDhAC50E

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  1. I bought a game but I tried restoring licenses but it won’t install it just pops up code CE-34675-5

  2. I have a question I anyone can help me that would be great… I bought a game from the PlayStation store,,, then I started downloading it. The download completed and then it said it started to download connection or something like that. I can play the game just fine right now. But I’m scared something may have gotten messed up. Also when I go look at my notifications and downloads it says resident Evil 6 downloading 1 waiting 1.
    See whatever was supposed to download after the game was installed got cut because the wifi disconnected for a second so it failed. Can anyone tell me how I can fix whatever was supposed to download after the initial game was downloaded and installed.?……….
    Also the game says ready to use,,,, it’s just that 2nd white bar that says waiting is not moving. Any help would be highly appreciated!

  3. I don’t know what to do when it says cannot install the update file. I just wanna play my game and it won’t update. help? 🙁

  4. I got all game parts installed for cold war its telling me I need to purchase but Its in my purchased part in my library can someone please help

  5. For us it just stops downloading at a certain point and the tips wont make it work either. Can you help me with that? I know the PS5 already came out but I still need help.

  6. all i want to know is how to make my physical disc into a digital version so i can play them on my laptop by connecting them.

  7. How can i buy digitally game what i already own ? there is no buy link ,only download link ???

    Following reason why this would occure

    1 .first buy is from release date , and now customer wanna buy spec.ed/ goty/ ult/ bundle or any other version ANYWAYS !!!AGAIN !!!!
    2 . original version is buggy ,and company has released “patched” version
    3. i have lost my game ( disc) and i wanna buy it digitally from ps store AGAIN !!! ( its not allowed because ps network library forbids that !!! )<<<<----- HIGHLIGHTed 4. i have made mistake and bought wrong ( version ) game . understandable ,because there is million f version of every game 5. im subscriber of ps now and ps plus and some interesting release is out there , but i have not got time to play the game ,because some people have lives.. So i want to play 8 minutes and then buy that and continue in 2037 ( AND THAT IS NOT ALLOWED ????) FIX : ???? Suggestion Circumvent this by having feature where you can buy ps store content as a gift and when you pay ,instead you getting dl link ,you get redeem code ,and mail that to your buddy ( who is me now ) and then i can dl ( download ) that crap what i want ,when ever.. So hows that ? Thoughs: You would think when ever there is some games in psnow/plus as a "show piece" ,you could then buy the fucking thing = NOUP!! Thats not allowed, as if there is some policy from keeping idiot people showering theyre money to SONY ...Hmm??

  8. Ha you’re lying I did that already and it deleted everything I had on it I had to replay the entire game which ruined my game experience you Sony needs to do a lot better than this I hope you didn’t do this to the PS5 this shouldn’t be this complicated it’s like you’re trying to fuse in with math equations into a PS4 because your PS4 really is pieces of shit and I’m really getting sick and tired of having to redo my game which I had to redo it five times it you’re trying to make it too complicated when it shouldn’t be . Mine is going whack-a-mole and I can’t even get it to stop. it says installed but it’s not showing up in my game and then it says I can’t select this contact right now cuz and then it said after like 3 to 4 months it’s installed but I doesn’t pop up in my game how’s that even possible and still says cannot select content right now might as well just destroy the PS4 you know that’s kind of pieces of shit but I have physical copy of the game I’ve been playing then I’m having a lot of trouble with adding the DLCs. your PS4 is really a disgrace I don’t even know how to put it it has great potential and I hate to be a critic but a disgrace oh by the way I did do renew my licenses and activate my PS4 as primary so don’t ask me in the comments about thatcuz I did that repeatedly 4 to 7 to 8 times actually nearly 39 if you want to add all the months I’ve kept trying to attempt this to fix my add-ons on my DLCs on my PS4

  9. I have a problem. I played the episode 1 of life is strange 2( free 1) and if I want to buy the complete season I can’t because it said “You have yet the game” and there is the error ” not aviabale to purchase”. Please help me.

  10. The digital game I bought keeps glitching and I am not able to play it! Please help! Am I able to get a refund??

  11. So i bought this game called car mechanic simulator around february and i deleted it for storage a couple months ago and i went to re download it in purchased games and it says i need to purchase it again even though i have achievements and dlc’s

  12. I pre-ordered a game a month before it was released today was the releasing day I tried to preload the game 2 days ago but it didn’t work but the theme for pre-ordering was installed now on the day of the release my library says DOWNLOAD i press that and nothing happens I went to download it from the store and it tells me to BUY IT AGAIN I tired recovering license but the license for that preordered game won’t be recovered!! its been 9 hours since I contacted PS support but still they didn’t respond

  13. Eu comprei um jogo na playstation store, mas nem começou a instalar, e quando eu entro na biblioteca e em comprados, aparece para comprar o mesmo jogo, já olhei a configuração do meu ps4 está normal, já mandaram o email falando que a compra foi feita, mas nada do meu jogo, oq eu faço?

  14. I have a game that thinks it’s downloading/installed so I can’t download it, and takes me to the store where it says start

  15. Useless ps4, I put my ps4 in rest mode then the thing doesnt download shit then I start up my ps4 and it says the game is completed downloading when there is still more than half of the download to go, f**** the ps4 when it comes out itll probably have the same or more problems then the ps4, and to add on top of the shit pile known as playstation the customer service for playstation is even worse so the only place I can vent to these morons are through social media cause they dont want actual input from customers cause they dont care once they have your money…. I can’t wait for the new xbox

  16. I own Xenoverse 2 but it just shows a white bar and says its installed but it isnt . Please help

  17. Bro I need help, I got my main account permanently banned on accident but I had an alt acc made with the same games and I had Minecraft then Minecraft had the loading screen glitch so I deleted it and was gonna reinstall and it said that it is in my library and I checked and it wasn’t there

  18. Whenever I try to redownload already purchased games, it says I have to purchase them again. It’s with all my undownloaded games that cost money. I’ve already tried restoring licenses and that didn’t help.

  19. This is stupid I did this just found but on my library there a lot things and I did restore license there are a lot gone just little left This is so stupid I hate this now what do I do now how can i get it back someone help I’m not joking

  20. I’m trying to dwnld cod 4 but when it says to choose what to dwnld (eg campaign) I cant choose anything

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