– So your washing machine has broken down? Dirty clothes piling up? Don’t worry, with this video you can trouble shoot the problem yourself, and soon be one your way to getting that pesky washing machine fixed.

Always always always unplug your machine before trying any fancy handy work or it won’t just be your washing that’s in a mess.

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  1. with some basic tools and a basic understanding of electrics and the components of a washing machine most things can be fixed yourself 

  2. In the UK it is not unusual to have the washing machine in the kitchen, some houses do have utility rooms though.

  3. Were not idiots and were smart enough to not call you for help. If it turns out we do need help then we’re sure not going to call someone that thinks we’re incapable!

  4. 0:38 how do I remove it?
    0:45 Sump hose? Tub?
    1:00 yes, hoses connected up but how about turnig the taps on?

  5. Please. Washing machines are very easy to repair. You don’t usually need a serviceman. Just take the cabinet off which is usually held on by two whole screws and you will have access to all of the components fairly easily. Figure out which one doesn’t work and replace it. Simple as that.

  6. Fucking useless video. Doesn’t tell you how to fix things that any half competent person could do easily, “Time to call us experts out” my arse.

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