How to troubleshoot, test, fix, repair top loading washing machine problems like no power, water level switch, no water filling tub, timer control, lid and start switch, drive motor, water pump, capacitor, and much more. My particular problem was the motor did not start agitating. You will see how I fixed that problem, and also learn how to check all the other parts to help you resolve your problem. Even though your make/model may vary from the machine shown in this video, the same testing procedures also apply to other makes/models. While no video covers every little detail, this one certainly covers a lot! Your washer may have an additional feature which is not shown on the washer in the video. If you have any further questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section. I will do my best to answer any questions as soon as possible.

**To repair the agitator, please refer to my other video below:

**DO NOT disassemble the washing machine while it is plugged in!

*VISIT THIS LINK for a detailed image for testing the motor start switch:

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  1. Thanks for your video, it’s super helpful. My washer machine’s issue is with the capacitor. However, mine looks the same as yours, which has no label or marks indicating what is the capacitance. I tried to lookup online for my GE WCSR2080B2CC but couldn’t find any info related to the capacitor, all they have is the motor kit, which includes the whole set of motor, capacitor and harness. How can I determine the capacitance is should be? Thanks.

  2. My Kenmore series 70 washer fills with water but won’t agitate in heavy duty or permanent press cycles it only agitates and completes a wash in the delicate cycle.

  3. Hello. I saw your channel now . My GE topload similar washing machine doesnt do anything on washing cycle , but work perfectly on rince , drain and spin cycle …..on washing cycle , doesnt even pour water and doesnt run…but move to rince cycle , start pouring water , then rinse and go towards spin cycle , it spin also ……what may be the problem ?

  4. Just found your channel, hopefully you can help me. 🙂 What do you do if the inner and outer tubs of a top load washing machine are stuck together on the drive shaft?

  5. Ok, so I checked everything in this video except the timer since I couldn’t understand how to do that part. Still can’t get this thing to spin. The belt starts to move an inch when I close the lid but then stops. It wants to start but can’t seem to get going.
    Also, when I did the continuity checks at 11:30, I verify I have continuity between dark blue and yellow but also between dark blue and orange. My schematic is identical to yours (our machines are nearly identical in every way). If I’m reading the schematic correctly, this should be fine.
    I swear, I’m about to hire someone. I’m tired of ringing out my clothes by hand. I’m just afraid they’re gonna B.S. me and charge me just to tell me to buy a new machine.

  6. I learned so much from this video! Very informative, thank you!

    I just ordered a multimeter to start checking things. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my motor since I can hear it humming. My problem is the washer simply won’t spin. It agitates and drains just fine. I open and close the lid repeatedly and I can see the belt move and stop, move and stop. I’ve got it to actually spin doing this repeated action once before. But not anymore. Sometimes it will move and continue for just a tiny bit like it wants to start up, but not for long and it ultimately stops.

    I’ve tried cleaning the pressure tube (that leads to the pressure switch/level switch), I’ve checked the drain tube (it’s not clogged), the timer progresses through the cycles, the lid switch seems to work…

    Next I will check if the water pump is clogged since I’ve heard that too can cause the washer to not spin.

  7. BEST information on checking different electrical components in the washer. I worked in electronic printers and PC’s for 25 years and there is a lot of info. very well done.

  8. I wanna know how to fix a russel hobbs top loader washing machine something is wrong with the bearings i wanna know how do i took it off to replace it with new ones plz

  9. Wow, very well and thoroughly explained, thank you so much absolutely the best video on how to fix a washing machine.

  10. Thank you for your detailed analysis of the possible damages. Do you maybe have any idea, what is the meaning of 3 led blinking, in a serial manner (1,2,3, 1,2,3 etc) on the control panel ? The troubleshooting guide, reports that I should call a technician. It is a Brandt, top load washing machine and the model is WTC-1033. My <> was that I operated the appliance, only for a few minutes, having forgot that the main water supply, (central of the house) was closed… I believe that the damage is in the water pump. What would you think? Kind regards. John

  11. I have the exact same washer as in the video. It will work fine for a load or two and then just decide that it doesn’t want to spin at the end of a cycle to dry the clothes. I cleaned out the pressure hose earlier today after the unit had been sitting untouched for about two weeks and it worked great for two consecutive loads but then on the third it wouldn’t spin during the final rinse/spin cycle. I’m wondering if something might be heating up and just need lubricating to reduce friction? Any suggestions?

  12. I had capacitor with 2 terminal how what the good read and bad read? I am the beginner if you can do the test with multimeter which black and red go to.

  13. Kenmore washer mod.11026722990. I bypassed the lid switch, and only get a humming sound. I am testing this machine in agitation and spin m ode WITHOUT WATER IN MACHINE. Does it have to have water in it for this test? Trying to determine if machine is working before transfer from my friends basement to my house. If it does need water in it to spin and agitate, how can I test it without water in it? Thank you for your brilliant tutorial, and look forward to your answer.

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