Do you have air bubbles shooting into your pool through your return jets? In this video Jason Hughes, pool contractor and author of popular ebook “6 Steps to Pool and Patio Success”, briefly discusses how pool pumps work and the three most common causes of this problem and how to correct them. For more information about inground pools visit and

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  1. I was glad I checked my skimmer flap! It wasn’t the o rink for my air bubbles, but a stuck flap. I still learned something here, thanks 😊

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  3. Hi i have in ground gunite pool need to lower water in order to blow air out of returns but how can i lower the water if the returns are lower than skimmers ??? For the purpose of closing for the winter.

  4. How does YouTube know I have bubbles in my pool? Stop monitoring me. I tried this, Still no good. Prob somewhere in my solar setup, It’s old.

  5. Is this a two speed pump? What about for variable speed pumps at lower RPMs is it normal to have air in the filter?

  6. I had this problem for awhile. this year i basically resealed all the connections with teflon tape., worked perfectly. I used to get a back pressue push up to the skimmer basket when the filter shutdown and it would dislodge and wedge the flap so it would block water flow. now it doesn’t do it anymore.

  7. if you do all that and still have no pressure , would you assume its under ground crack in pipe ?

  8. What would cause bubbles coming out of only one of the return jets ? I would assume if it was a poorly seated o-ring or strainer pot lid the air bubbles would come of all the return jets like the pool in the video. Thanks

  9. Great video! If I may, a lot of times and especially if the oring is in a vertical attitude like in your union, the oring will want to fall out. Before installing, coat the oring with silicone. This will help hold the oring in place when assembling and actually creates a better seal. I use it on all of my oring sealed components in my pool equipment. Just saying…

  10. I know this is a necro commenting on an old video, but as a new pool owner your video was great. My lid was on tight, but the gasket was old and when I touched it I had black on my hands as if I had just had a magic marker leak on them. I could see areas on the gasket that were flat instead of being round. I bought a new gasket and no more air bubbles! Easy to follow explanation. Thanks for posting.

  11. I have three returns one main one and two that branch off main one those two alway have bubbles what could this be??

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