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  2. Does anyone know another website other than the one in the video because it’s not working on my phone or do I have to use a computer please respond‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  3. My router is flashing and on my phone it says there’s wifi but when I connect to it it doesn’t work, I’ve already deserted the router

  4. So I moved my xfinity modem to a different part of my house.

    I plugged it into the coax and did not get the ONLINE to come on, but everything else was blinking.

    I made sure all my lines were connected to the main feed, especially the coax outlet that I was plugging into and made sure the coax and coax cable was active and they are.

    What am I doing wrong?

  5. Gotta love when we get a modem and it just doesn’t turn on when plugged in. The light goes on for a second and instantly turns off

  6. lol ok if xfinity make it all simple tell me how to deal with MoCA …..you see that network ? 1:56 now imagine this thing going online and disabling all your wifi’s and ethernet signal…..forcing all your devices to connect to that MoCA in result giving you a very very small internet speed where you can barely open any website…now when you go to connections and disable that moCa it comes back after 1 hour or 1 day it comes back online and disabling all your devices. I had 3 technicians already and nobody knows how to fix it and why it’s happening. and it all started 3 months ago before I never had any issues with this moCa was always disabled

  7. I have the same exact box. But instead of Xfinity its Arris from Spectrum. They selling the same product different name on it. 😠

  8. Alright all the lights turn on but the “online” one doesn’t glow up and the internet doesn’t work but says it’s connected??? Any solutions

  9. What about restoring a dropped dial tone for voice connection. I got the newer router about 2-3 weeks ago (TG4482A) ,lost dial tone a couple days ago, and have done numerous resets, including a hard reset to no avail. Never had so much trouble with the old style Arris TG1682G XB3, I think I did a soft reset on it twice in 4-5 years.

  10. I can’t even turn my internet on I have to use data Comcast sucks the only reason why I switched was because I it’s cheaper any suggestions for the best cheapest internet

  11. I call bs comcast is not plug and play. I have all brand new cables direct to modem no splitters and a brand new line was put in from the pole to my house the modem has been changed twice. I get disconnected at random sometimes it is hours that will go by and others it is in ten minute intervals. I have been a new customer for a week, for at least 40 hrs talking with agents and 80% of the time has been online using their crap 6 mbps wifi. Comcast sucks dog sh it pukes it up then licks it off the floor.

  12. I went to xfinity today upgrade my WiFi, and the guy told me unplug it for 5 seconds ,and plug it back in. Now I get no light in the front

  13. Probably having issues cause coaxial is shared with the entire block of housing slowing down speeds and sometimes no internet. Better to have a DSL connection which is your own not shared connection.

  14. Hey codexual how did you edit the 2ghz to change it to 5ghz in mine it says that I can’t edit it because it’s already done for well performance

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